“How to Do SEO That Will Always Rank High & Get You Results.”


How to Do SEO That Will Always Rank High & Get You Results. 

Hawaii Internet Marketers Association (HiMA) proudly presents, How to Do SEO That Will Always Rank High & Get You Results.  Come and learn from our keynote speaker, Jonathan Cook, an internet consultant helping local and national businesses rank high on Google since 2003.

Jonathan has a record of not only Page 1 Rankings for his clients in Google, but also real impact on their bottom line through increased leads and sales. He brings not just search optimization abilities, but also Copywriting, Content Marketing and Conversion Optimization to his work, targeting the Ends, not just the Means to bring the greatest benefits possible.

Over the years Jonathan has guided his client’s websites to weathered the updates and changes Google has come out with over the years, staying consistently at or near the top. His aim is always focused on long-term, enduring success online, rather than taking shortcuts that can sink a business or even get them banned.

Please come join us at HiMA, this will be a great event!  HiMA is a place where you will network with local business leaders and professionals, while learning from Hawaii’s best internet marketers.  In this event so you will learn:

1. What’s Changed In Google these Past 2 Years: The Whole New Paradigm

2.  What These Changes Mean to Your Business Online

3.  What You Can Do Right Now To Rank in Google & Reach New Customers

Free for members

Guest are $10 Pre-register, http://bit.ly/1tk4fqx

$15 at door

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014,  6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Manoa Public Library

Conference Room

2716 Woodlawn Dr.

Honolulu, HI 96822

Please reserve your seat today!

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For more information, contact Randall Fujinaka

Phone:  808-429-3524; Email: Randy@HawaiiInternetMarketers.com


3 Things Small business in Hawaii should know about Facebook Fanpages marketing

3 Things Every Business Owner Should Know about Having a Facebook Fan Page

With 800 million users worldwide and over 3 million users a day, Facebook is a great way to promote your business, website or events. When you consider the fact that a typical user has over 100 friends and spends almost one hour everyday on the site, you are just not going to find another method that will allow you connect with current and potential customers than a Facebook Fan Page. It can help you to gain credibility, build relationships with your customers and drive traffic to your website.


Here are three important things that you need to know in order to maximize your effectiveness on Facebook.

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Hawaii Internet Marketers

Hawaii Internet Marketers is a local education resource for everyone marketing on the internet. Our mission is to support all entrepreneurs like small business owners, social media marketers, and affiliate marketers understand and utilize the tools of the internet to grow their businesses. This networking association is an education platform is to learn from experts in their particular topics such as tools for lead generation, to programs and systems to keep their customers information organized and informed. We will recommend the best ways to build on online presence for the company to keep up to speed and growing in ever changing world of online marketing.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO

Search Engine Optimization: What Color is your Hat?

Search engines have long been sources of traffic for practically every website on the internet. Website owners try to rank their site higher by using a process called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Higher rankings leads to more website visitors.

While many professionals do their SEO in an acceptable way, some webmasters, looking for shortcuts to get higher rankings, try to trick search engines and deceive users. Practices that are unethical and against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are called black hat SEO practices, they involve spamming, deceiving users, tricking search engines… On the other hand, SEO done by using ethical and acceptable techniques is called white hat SEO.

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