“Evening with Internet Marketing Experts”

Hawaii Internet Marketers Association

October 6th 2015 Association Meeting

“Leveraging Youtube for Marketing and Sales Success!”

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On Tuesday evening, October 6th, 2015, Hawaii Internet Marketers Association (HiMA) proudly presents at our monthly meeting,  “Evening with Internet Marketing Experts” with three power marketers in Hawaii in an open panel style discussion with Daniel Hildebrandt, Kristen Robinsen, and Paul Klink.


German Google Guy, Daniel Hildebrandt. Daniel is the CEO of DH Internet Marketing Consulting and has been a leader in the internet marketing for over 15 years. Daniel will share his experience on how to streamline your online marketing. He has been a consultant for local and international companies and has called Hawaii his home for 2 years. His passion is educating companies how to find the right clients, design the right marketing plan, and saving you time and money.


Kristen Robinson founded KR Design in 2010 to help experienced and determined business owners, real estate agents, and consultants grow their business with successful marketing techniques. Her customers quickly dictated their greatest marketing challenge: social media. Kristen has guided hundreds of business owners through the treacherous waters of social media marketing, affirming that social media can be an effective and efficient method of marketing for companies and business professionals.

Paul Klink is a Father x2, mate, social media & information alchemist, philanthropist, author of “Live Aloha”, television and motion picture actor, Certified Life Coach, internet visionary, loves to volunteer when possible and has been a creative entrepreneur in Hawaii for over 29 years. He is recently known as the founder and organizer of the very successful luxury fundraising events put on with his LUX VIP Events and www.LUXatTheTRUMP.com events. Paul is not only known for being a powerful speaker but always bringing fun and entertaining to every event he is a part of.


Panels discussion will be focus on topics such as:


  • Google vs. Facebook lead generations strategies
  • Up and coming changes in the marketing world
  • Best way to position your business to rise above your competition

Be sure you don’t miss this event as we have some of our top online marketers share their personal opinions on how to help you market your business with better success online. Seating is limited so reserve your seat today.


HIMA Members: Free

Guest $10 preregister, $15 at door, http://bit.ly/HiMA-Experts

(50% off for first time guests)


Wednesday, October 6th, 6:30pm-9:00pm

Manoa Innovation Center

2800 Woodlawn Dr. Training Room #173

Honolulu, HI 96822


Please reserve your seat today!



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